What is a Corporate Member?
This title applies to any Company, Organisation or local Council that wishes to offer Snorkelling to its customers or members. Snorkelling is the ideal way to introduce young people to the exciting sport of underwater swimming. It is also a sport in its own right, enjoyed by all members of the family, especially when holidaying abroad. As a member you are joining a growing group that is offering a wide range of snorkelling activities all over the world.
List of BSAC Corporate Members

How to join?
In the Introduction Pack you will find a range of information that will outline the BSAC’s organisation, the courses that are available and what you need to do in order to offer snorkelling tuition.

To become a Corporate Member simply complete the application form and forward it to BSAC Headquarters.

What happens next?
On receipt of your completed application form we will place you on our database of Corporate Members and issue a Pro-forma invoice for your membership fee.

How much does it cost?
The annual fee is £25 (at time of writing) and renewal notices are usually issued at the end of December.

What do you get?
As a paid-up registered Corporate Member you can receive guidance from our technical team on the following aspects: –

  • Running our range of snorkelling courses for young people.
  • Snorkel Instructor Courses for your employees and trainers.
  • Snorkel Lifesaver awards.
  • Personal contact to help with any aspect of snorkelling.
  • Advanced notice of local events concerning snorkelling in your area.
  • Contact with our PR company to help promote any events you may be staging.

From our mail-shop you will receive: –

  • Our products list and order forms at regular intervals (at trade prices).
  • Notice of our special offers.
  • Snorkelling promotional materials.
  • Access to our wide range of products designed for the snorkelling and diving enthusiast.

What do my trainers need? Your trainers need to be BSAC Snorkel Instructors to teach our programme. They can be nominated by your company to attend a Snorkel Instructor Training Course (SITC). An application form is enclosed with this pack containing full details.