Snorkel Instructor Training Course (SITC)

Programme & Syllabus

To teach candidates how to teach snorkelling activities in a swimming pool. The programme concludes with an assessment of Theory Lesson presentation skills and pool snorkelling instructional ability.

Two days.

This event is open to a BSAC Snorkel Diver, any BSAC Diver grade or equivalent, who is a BSAC member and wishes to become qualified to teach snorkelling techniques in the swimming pool.

This course must be lead by an approved Snorkel Instructor Trainer. Additional instructors must also be approved instructor trainers. Assistant instructors may attend the course in order to gain their instructor approval.

Ratio – One instructor to every twelve students for theory sessions. This ratio will need to be reduced to 1:6 for practical sessions.

A suitable classroom for the theory lessons with teaching aids. A swimming pool with access to shallow and deep water for the practical sessions.

Approval by the Snorkel Chief Examiner must be obtained through HQ.

This course concludes with a practical, classroom and a theory assessment. Those students who are successful at all three elements will receive the BSAC Snorkel Instructor Award, an instructor number, A4 Certificate, cloth badge and a certificate for their qualification record book.


Instructor Briefing

Assemble, Introductions, Administration

1. Theory Lesson The aims of the course
25 minutes
2. Theory Lesson The Snorkel Instructor (SI)
Attributes of an SI
30 minutes
3. Theory Lesson Instructor Communications 15 minutes
Break 15 minutes
4. Theory Lesson Basic Equipment 15 minutes
5. Theory Lesson Safe Snorkelling – Part 1 30 minutes
6. Theory Lesson Safe Snorkelling – Part 2 15 minutes
Break 30 minutes
7. Theory Lesson Classroom Teaching 15 minutes
8. Theory Lesson The Practical Lesson 60 minutes
9. Practical Lesson Pool demonstrations 120 minutes
10. Tutorial Session Assessment Subjects 30 minutes
11. Group Session Debrief & Disperse 15 minutes
12. Theory Session Theory Knowledge Test 30 minutes
13. Tutorial Session Lecture Preparation 60 minutes
14. Break 15 minutes
15. Practical Lecture Presentations 120 minutes
16. Tutorial Pool Lesson Preparation 30 minutes
Break 45 minutes
17. Practical Pool Lesson Presentations 120 minutes
18. Group Session Open Forum
Assessment Debrief
30 minutes
Instructor Debriefing

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